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Book "Basics of Shamanism"

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This book was written from the perspective of the practicing Siberian shaman Karagai Kam. It contains the basics of classical and ancient siberian shamanism in its purest form.
This information has never before been published in English and in the Western world.
The book is compact and its a concentration of knowledge from the first hand.
It can open the first doors on the path of shaman. Indeed a treasure for preserving the pure shamanic culture on planet earth!

From the content:

World creation
Sacred colors
Nine Heavens
Table of the heavens
Supreme Gods
Mother of fire
Hitching post
Great spirits
Mistress of water
Ancestral spirits
The owner of the area
Mountain people
Spirit, soul and body
Consciousness and subconscious
Classification of shamans
Shamanic illness
The shaman costume
Making snake aeren
Making tambourine
The revival of the tambourine
Mandatory attributes of the shaman
Types of bells
Attributes for calling spirits
Advisable attributes of the shaman
Making doll assistant
Icon lamps
The revival of amulets
The shaman's nine jewels
types of ritual fire
Religious rites
Feeding spirits. White and black food
The shaman calendar
Shamanic astrology
Shamanic ethics

Argo-book, Moscow 2019
ISBN 463-0-03323-619-8
Author - Karagai
Translator - Olga Yazhleva
Artist - Iliya Smolin
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